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Leica M10 Body Silver

  • $6,374.25
  • Brand: Leica
  • Product Code:LEIM10S
  • Availability:In Stock

Leica M10 Body SilverThe Leica M10 in classical silver chrome finish is the newest in the line of the famous Leica M series. The M10 has become more compact, measuring the same as the analogue Leica M4. This makes it not..

Tags: Leica M10 Body Silver

Leica M10 Body Silver

The Leica M10 in classical silver chrome finish is the newest in the line of the famous Leica M series. The M10 has become more compact, measuring the same as the analogue Leica M4. This makes it not only the thinnest Leica M ever, but on a technical level also the most advanced Leica M. The camera is equipped with a 24 MP CMOS sensor that was specifically designed for the M10, and a Maestro II processor also used in the Leica Q and Leica SL. This ensures very high image quality in combination with a high ISO-range of up to ISO 50,000, adjustable with a dial with the options of A, 100 to 6,400 ISO.

Leica has fit all this into a very compact housing. The bottom and top plate are brass and the chassis of the camera is a magnesium alloy. The camera has rubber finishes to protect from moisture and dust. Leica has redesigned the rangefinder, increasing the visual field with 30% and enlarging the magnification factor to 0.73x. The optimum distance from the eye to the eye cup has been increased with 50%, making it more comfortable to work with for photographers wearing glasses. The housing has been given a minimalistic design on purpose. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO can be adjusted even when the camera is off.

A first for the Leica M10 is the integrated WiFi module suitable for Live View and remote control with the Leica M app. The camera has a 3" LCD display for viewing recordings and live image, made from Gorilla Glass which protects it against scratches and other damage.

Features of the Leica M10

  • Minimalistic design and compact housing
  • Complete rangefinder with 0,73x magnification
  • Leica Maestro II image processor
  • Large ISO-range up to ISO 50,000

Compact housing

Following the famous analogue Leica M4, the M10 is the most compact digital Leica M marketed. The materials used are meant to last a lifetime. The M10 has a chassis which is made of a magnesium alloy and is fully equipped with rubber seals for protection against dust and moisture. At the back of the camera we find the 3" LCD display with only three function buttons that operate the menu, playback mode and live view. To the right of the LCD display, we find the navigation buttons which control the various camera functions.

Redesigned rangefinder

The Leica M10 has a completely new optical finder with 0.73x magnification and automatic parallax compensation. The viewing angle can be adjusted to the focal length at the front of the camera, allowing to choose from 35mm/135mm, 28mm/90mm and 50mm/75mm. The rangefinder itself has a 50% enlarged eye cup.

Improved sensor and processor

Leica has completely redesigned the 24 MP image processor and Maestro II image processor for the M10. This results in a wide dynamic range and an ISO value of from 100 to 50,000 with which optimal results can be achieved under the most varying light conditions. The image processor is assisted by a 2 GB buffer, which allows 5 images per second to be recorded, to a maximum of 30 images in burst mode. The Leica M10 can save material as JPEG or DNG.

New features

The M10 is the first Leica M series camera with a built-in WiFi module. Using the Leica M app, key camera functions can be controlled remotely. The M10 is compatible with all Leica M lenses. Leica R lenses can be used with the optional Leica R-Adapter and Visoflex Electronic Viewfinder is fully supported.

In the box

  • Leica M10 Body Silver Chrome Finish
  • Battery charger 100-240V
  • Car charger cable
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Carrying strap
  • Body cap
  • Accessory cap