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Payment Methods

With Photospecialist there are three ways you can pay for your order:

Payment by Bank Transfer

Once your order has been confirmed by email you will receive an invoice with detailed instructions and our account information.

Reference: Your order number (see email order confirmation)

Payment by PayPal

If you choose PayPal as payment method, you must contact one of our authorized sales representatives. 

Attention: this payment method might be limited to certain amounts. Because of the costs charged by PayPal we have to surcharge this method by 3.0%.

Payment in our Stores

Cash payment - you can collect your order in one of our stores and pay for them in cash at the checkout.

Payment with PIN card - you can collect your order and pay for it using your PIN card at the checkout. 

Please note: There is often a limit on your card which is imposed by your bank. You may be able to get a short-term increase by contacting your bank.

Payment by credit card - you can collect your order in one of our stores and pay for it at the checkout using your credit card. 

Because of the costs charged by the credit card companies we have to surcharge this method by 0.9%. Payment by credit card is limited to $3000.

Refund after Cancellation or Return

An order can be returned if it is sent back to us within 30 days of receipt. 

Please send an email with the order number (found in the email you received confirming your order) and details of your bank account. 

Mention in your email that you clearly want a refund.