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Standard 2 Year Warranty

Over the years Photospecialist has developed a good working relationship with the suppliers and importers of the items we sell. 

Together we strive to give our customers a high level of security and convenience, and therefore all the items we sell come with a standard 2 Year Warranty, 

longer than that provided by most of our competitors.

2 Year Extra Warranty Plan

For a modest fee we can offer to increase your standard 2 Year Warranty by a further 2 years so you'll have 4 years of worry-free ownership - no unexpected costs for breakdowns, 

malfunctions and other problems. During the warranty period Photospecialist arranges everything needed to get your product collected, inspected, repaired and returned to you.

If you re-sell the purchased item within the warranty period then the warranty certificate is transferable to your purchaser.

Worry free ownership!

Please note that the price for the 2 Year Extra Warranty depends on the value of the item to be covered.

Exclusions from Warranty

The following claims are excluded from the warranty:

  •     Damage caused by impact or shock
  •     Broken screens
  •     Damage caused by moisture or water ingress
  •     Damage caused by improper use