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About Us

Photospecialist is a leading specialist retailer of photographic and video equipment since 1974. 

We stand for a comprehensive product range, competitive prices, expert advice and excellent service.

In our three major showrooms - Den Ham (Netherlands) , Newcastle (Australia) , Seattle (United States) and in our online shops:

- Dutch, Belgian, German, French, British, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Canadian and USA - we offer our wide product range to both

semi-professional customers as well as enthusiasts who are interested in photography or video making as part of their hobby.

Unrivalled Product Knowledge and Experience

As well as bringing you the widest range of products possible, Photospecialist has always stood out because of the outstanding product knowledge of its staff

and practical experience in the market. Our product consultants are avid photo and video enthusiasts who know their craft very well and know what they're talking about. 

So you as a customer can be assured that our recommendation will be the best solution for your needs.

Very affordable prices

A final - but not unimportant - success factor is the extremely competitive pricing that we have. 

So with Photospecialist you are assured of good prices, expert advice and good service.

Supplier information

This is a website operated by Photo Specialist Ltd.

Our registered office / HQ:

71 Columbia Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone number: (206) 801-0621
IRS / EIN No. 910964899
CIK #: 0000791050
State of Incorp.: WA

Email adress: